Don’t get carried away by the praises of Osinbajo – Egbara to Ayade

Don’t Get Carried Away By The Praises of Men (It is Fickle And Works Like Thermometer) or Get Distracted By Their Abuse (It Doesn’t Count: Stay Focused !)

If you don’t have something you are looking at that is inspiring you, then your eyes will pick those who are looking at you either positively or negatively.

What are you looking at? What is your own focus?

I have a friend who hardly called me on the phone except I called, hardly responded to my sms messages. You can imagine he didn’t visit except I did. This was over 10 years ago. Sometimes I would get angry and say to myself I will not call or visit him again. It was a promise very difficult for me to keep because of his kind of profession, I always needed his professional advise; he was my very good friend and both of us knew we were great friends. He would apologise but still not “repent”.

One day, I was in his office and he was about to sign a cheque for something; he asked his secretary to bring the cheque books. Lo, it was a container full of cheque books from different banks. I only had a cheque book from one bank with almost nothing in the bank account.

No one needed to tell me something was wrong with me and that I was sleeping and wasting time getting angry with a man with a focus and prospering.

Casual phone calls and visit were too expensive for him to bear. He was too busy with many projects on his desk. He unknowingly inspired me to open bank accounts anyhow though I had no money in the accounts.

I am now in that situation too. I hardly call or visit and you can imagine how many friends are upset with me but I can’t help them. I am too busy to the bones.

Don’t waste too much time thinking and responding to every political praise on media.
I have read a few comments and social media posts by some that Osibanjo came to Cross river state and call you names as usual, remember that is a political business, whether Osibanjo call you god or saviour after four year it is only the people you govern that will tell the world about your legacy, Duke was more praised than you, Imoke was hailed as a one time Messiah of Cross river state but today we hardly remember their names nor achievements, the praises are too much but you should “fast track the Plans.

Anyway, attitude leads to altitude. Praise gravitates towards a man with a plan and focus but don’t dwell on the praises of men there are deceptive let your conscience be you best special adviser and liberate the people of Cross river state from this shackles of backwardness.

Have you forgotten so easily the parable of “GoodLuck Jonathan” He was praised by many love by all but his failure in the 2015 General election was hatched by his praise singers,men will keep praising you as far as you keep feeding them and will expect anything less than that in the newspaper headlines the moment they see another alternative, learn from the failure of those where there before you to avoid a kiss from Judas.

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