Who is the right person to be celebrated this Christmas; Santa Claus or Jesus Christ

This is what a lot of people in the world know nothing about, whether the differences is clear or not, they just celebrate who they feel they’d celebrate.
But, I have to point out some facts to make clear who is to be celebrated this Christmas.

>Santa Claus: Santa Claus is now famous in the world especially when it comes to Christmas, but is he the right one to be celebrated? You know, most things have been made traditions, you fine it difficult to change it especially when you grew up believing it’s true and everyone’s dancing to the tune.

According to Wikipedia.com, Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas , Saint Nick , Father Christmas , Kris Kringle , Santy, or simply Santa is a mythical figure with historical origins who, in many Western cultures , brings gifts to the homes of good children on 24 December, the night before Christmas Day. The modern Santa Claus is derived from the British figure of Father Christmas, the Dutch figure of Sinterklaas, and Saint Nicholas, the historical Greek bishop and gift-giver of Myra. During the Christianization of
Germanic Europe, this figure may also have absorbed elements of the god Odin, who was associated with the Germanic pagan midwinter event of Yule and led the Wild Hunt, a ghostly procession through the sky.

Santa Claus is generally depicted as a portly, joyous, white- bearded man—sometimes with spectacles—wearing a red coat with white collar and cuffs, white-cuffed red trousers, and black leather belt and boots and who carries a bag full of gifts for children. Images of him rarely have a beard with no moustache. This image became popular in the United States and Canada in the 19th century due to the significant influence of the 1823 poem “A Visit From St. Nicholas” and of caricaturist and political cartoonist Thomas Nast. This image has been maintained and reinforced through song, radio, television, children’s books and films. Santa Claus has been believed to make a list of children throughout the world, categorizing them according to their behavior (“naughty” or “nice“) and to deliver presents, including toys, and candy to all of the well-behaved children in the world, and sometimes coal to the naughty children, on the single night of Christmas Eve. He accomplishes this feat with the aid of the elves who make the toys in the workshop and the flying reindeer who pull his sleigh. He is commonly portrayed as living at the North Pole and saying “ho ho ho ” often.

>Jesus Christ: The Christian churches today celebrates Christmas as the birthday of Jesus, the saviour of the world whose name is also Emmanuel (meaning “God with Us“). But do other pagans and religions realize this, are they really celebrating Christ, or they are following the world traditions.?

From Wikipedia.com: Christ Pantocrator mosaic in Byzantine style , from the Cefalù Cathedral, Sicily
Christians belive Jesus was born on the 25th December, 7-2 BC and died on AD 30-33 (aged 31-39, traditionally 33 years). Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus Christ is central figure of Christianity and is believed to be the Son of God. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of a Virgin named Mary. Baptized by John the Baptist, was crucified by the order of the
Roman Prefect Pontius Pilate, rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven, whence He will return. The Christendom and the Islamic world believes he rose from the dead and that he is the Messiah. But only few Christian domination belive He is the Son of God. Jesus teachings were based on Heaven, love, forgiveness, peace, joy, reconciliation with God and judging the dead either before or after their bodily resurrection, an event tied to the Second Coming of Jesus in Christian eschatology. Though some believe Jesus’s role as savior has more existential or societal concerns than the afterlife, and a few notable theologians have suggested that Jesus will bring about a universal reconciliation.

The sources for investigating the history of Jesus are found in the Synoptic Gospels ( Matthew , Mark and Luke ) in the Holy Bible, KJV.

So, who is the right one to be celebrated this Christmas, Santa or Jesus?

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