As Crippled Nigeria Crawls To Her 56th Birthday: The Truth And The Lie Within Plus The Way Forward

There is just one Gregorian day left for physically and spiritually challenged Nigeria to make contact with her 56th year of independent existence as a Federal Republic. Pitifully, there would be no need for merriment across the nation, courtesy of the harsh economy situation brought about by these unfortunate leaders she now has.

Life in Nigeria has become a dirty lottery where both the common and uncommon society man speak one language “things are hard” meanwhile a pragmatic approach is yet to be designed to harness the murrian.

As it is familiar with every confused and confound people, there are widespread lies being peddled especially by the ruling class as to how Nigeria arrived this wilderness as well as the agents responsible. But according to the words of Niccolo Machiavelli, “Bitter passion for lies motivates the searchlight of truth”, the truth is also around as to how we got where we are and the vehicles responsible.

The once El Dorado Nigeria is now on its knees begging her very own enemies for survival. Same enemies who told her she must go through a recession to pay for her past shortcomings as though the present is perfected.

Economy Recession: How Did It Come About?

It all started when Mr. Buhari introduced the Treasury Single Account (TSA) policy that withdraw all public funds from private banks thereby reducing to the barest minimum the profits made by these finance institutions, hence, massive loss of bank jobs in the said institutions started trending.

Again, Buhari went further to ban 40 foreign exchange items including rice, cement, private airplanes/jets, steel produce, metals, textiles, etc, commanding an urgent drop in earnings of the average Nigerian population who traded with these items even hick in prices as the commodities gained ‘rare-status’ in the open market.

Soon before, Mr. Buhari’s lopsided appointments angered the birth of militancy in the Niger Delta region together with his poor security formation the destructions of the nation’s oil installations  was empowered and in accomplice with the dwindling global oil price, the income from oil had no choice than to set on an exodus to the negative side of the graph.

The truth is – these are the elements responsible for this recession and the lie is – Buhari and co. to blame it on what he describes as past administration’s ‘looting lifestyle’; indeed, nothing but an ubiquitous deceit.

On the way forward: Many Nigerians, including my humble self are of the sole opinion that the only way forward is massive job creation in all sectors of the economy. But this can not be realised under the watch of a man who’s only interest is to chase his perceived enemies of their hard earned wealth as a grand way to settle scores apast.

In this 56th year anniversary, where the nation has realised that the only best option is jobs creation, memorous-Nigerians would remember her immediate past leader and world’s peace icon, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, Who, according to a report by National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) published on Premium Times Newspapers of July 2nd, 2015 created in exact figures 469,070 jobs between January to March, 2015 and exactly 369,485 jobs in the 4th quarter of 2014.

Frankly, as obvious as it is, Buhari has no single plan for jobs creation on his change driven agenda, thus, his immediate removal from office is what Nigerians should be agitating for in this 56th birthday of her’s.

Comr. Onun Endurance Arikpo,
baring my mind above and beyond.
30th September, 2016.

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