The Birth of Corruption against Desires for Economic Growth by Inok Solomon

Inok Solomon, Special Assistant to Cross River State Government

By Inok Solomon 

When your N1000 deposit in the bank, gives the bank the right to issue out receipt of N1500, who is causing Inflation, increase in Taxes and Retirements?

When Inflation and Taxes increases and yet you get 5% as interest for your N1000 deposit while the banks charges 20% as interest on loans from your N1000 in their vault plus N500 money from tin air, who is causing economic recession and inflation or as some economist called it ‘Stagflation?

Man’s desire to rule over man, took a modern dimension from the year 1914, and that year, modern corruption was given birth. Eve’s desires to be like God, knowing good and bad, was covetousness, Eve needed an allied, so She shared her new discovery with Adam and from that moment, corruption was created and the new world of Corrupt Sinful Nation was born separate from the purpose of God.

From that point, the desire of man to gain more and more and meet with the rights given by God to Adam; to take dominance over all the things created on earth was polluted with negativity, anger, hatred and bitterness. In today’s political era, one will say, Adam was disgruntled for failing to win over the political affairs of the Garden of Eden.

History repeated itself in 1914, when the population of the world was growing beyond the comprehension of man himself, the thought of man’s inability to conquer the world was redirected to fellow man.

With the Discoveries of the centuries, the Economic Theories and Knowledge, man saw that the more efforts are put in creating enabling environment and better discoveries for better economy, the more the population is growing and the more obstacles to attain that original desire.

Starvation became man’s next weapon, and to do this, is to dominate man through wars, investing heavily on wars rather than on basic needs of man. A World War was nursed, planned and executed in 1914.

After the War, in the 1920s and 30s, the world experienced Economic Depression, that marked the complete turn away from Economic growth Plans to War Plans. The Starvation Theory did what it was meant to do.

When the Starvation Apple became impossible, man to deceive his fellow man like Eve did, shared the corrupt Apple, and changed the name from Corrupt Sinful Nations created by Eve to the League of Nations. But the lessons of modern Wars created more fears and man coined a new strategy, ‘World Security.’

Cost of maintaining Security and be above all other allied Nations, took all the Gold and treasury reserves of the world and converted them to weapons of mass destruction. Colonization, Slavery and outright take over by force of other Nations, became the only source to build the World Powers, members of the League of Nations, since wealth of Nations was tide to the amount of Gold in the vault.

League of Nations failed and World War 11 erupted in 1945 to showcase the crazy weapons. After the display of their weaponry on the population, the share of the corrupt Apple to deceive the world changed the name again instead of the system from League of Nations to United Nations; another secret code to keep man confused.

In 1971, President Nixon of America, changed the rule of money, when he served the US dollar’s relationship with gold.

“President Nixon changed the rules because foreign countries being paid in U.S. dollars grew skeptical when the U.S. treasury was printing more and more money to cover her debts. They began exchanging their dollars directly for gold in earnest, depleting most of the U.S. gold reserves. The vault was being emptied because the government was importing more than it was exporting and because of the costly Vietnam War.”-Robert.

Today, Governments print money to cover debts in the form of bailouts and push the pains on the taxpayers. Yet most of these money is taken and deposited into personal accounts in banks for counterfeit money to inflate the economy. “So to rob a bank legally is to own a bank.”

Corruption seems not a baby to Politics but Monetary system. Names are changed instead of resetting the system.

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