Gunshots everywhere as Cultist embark on mass slaughter in Calabar South (See Live Photos)

It’s happening again, something similar to that of 2013 horror as Cultists embark on killing their fellow and opposite cult members. 

Calabar South is no more safe as residents smells danger from cruel cult groups who now are shooting, macheting, and axing other cult groups. Some have extended to even non-cultist as they keep posting security threat to the area.

Today, around the afternoon periods of the day was a massive butchering, axing and shooting in Edibe Edibe by Richard Henshaw and Mayne Avenue by Palm Street. See photos of the bloody fight after the cut.

This one is by Mayne Avenue by Palm Street

This is the one from Goodluck Johnathan  bypass off Parliamentary Extension 

This is the one from few years back at Mount Zion area

We don’t understand why people will involve themselves in such an act.

Please, the advice we can give to anyone in Calabar now is to remain calm and be watchful until this menace is been flushed away. We contacted the security personels on this issue, they are telling us they’ll put more effort to fish out those boys and deal with them according to the law. So, please keep away from night movements, secret arears including lonely roads and if you see any acts or scenes you don’t understand, just run for your life. 

Best Regards.
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