IG of Police gives order to arrest anyone parading themselves as Green Police or Homeland Security


News reaching Calabar Reporters states that the Inspector General (IG) of Police has ordered the Cross River State Police Commissioner to arrest anybody wearing and parading themselves as Green Police and Homeland Security Force recently inaugurated by Governor Ben Ayade.

According to top information from the Force Headquarters, such organisations contravene national laws. “It will breach national security”, said the source.

It should be recalled that sometime last year Chief Okoi Obono-obla had explained to Cross Riverians through relevant citation of the constitution that Cross River State government, and any other State government in particular, under the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, cannot flag off any other security arm other than the Nigeria Police Force.

Ifere Paul has also hinted that, sources at Police Force Headquarters at Diamond Hill stated that an order has been conveyed to the Commissioner of Police, Cross River State to arrest and detain persons or group of persons under the umbrella of Green Police or Homeland Security.

Few days back, the Cross River State Governor, Professor Ben fully flagged-off the Green Police and also inaugurated the Homeland Security. Although, the governor said that the two bodies working to secure the Cross River State Rainforest and the Homes and Properties of the people will never work with or carry any gun(s) of any kind. Ayade also said that, the security bodies will always be accompanied by the Nigerian Police or the Military in order to aid execute their role properly.

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  1. Since the last 76 oil wells were taking and gave to akwa-ibom,the only resources remaining for cross-river-state is the forest reserve that why the governor came up with the idea of setting up the green police to avoid criminals from stealing the woods,now that the ig of police has come up with such other,i would. Advise all local government areas in the state to organize thier youths to guide and protect their forest against criminals from outside and inside,since Nigerian is dubious country were one can’t trust another,thank you.

    • You have a point there, Ina Owell. Cross River State have to protect the major natural resources they have and that takes the work of the Green Police to do that. We said we copied democracy from the USA but we can’t act like them, it’s a shame to hear this news. Why do New York have their own police known as New York Police department, NYPD and also the Homeland Security? If a state is capable of paying or organising any security of her own, why can’t you live them. This Nigerian Government is going from bad to worst.

  2. Nigerians should be vigilant,mostly from southern parts.the democracy that we are runing is not truthful one.the one we have now is milidemocray which by standard definition its not to be mention.this is were united nations ought to play a roll,any country that said to be practicing democracy and is not going by the standard should not allow in international schem of things.it is by this reasons the president made the statement that course us embracement in Germany.now they are working hard to turn the country in to one party state, so that another anarchy would start.this was what happen during obasanjo’s regime,and bakassi was give to Cameroun without know opposition.

  3. Why i so much believe that the ig’s order is political,is that if a state like lagos-state can be operating with more than five paramilitries for the past sixteen years that are similar to that of green police and there is never a day that any ig of police gave order that the angencies in Lagos should stop operations, and he comes up with order that the green police cadet should be arrested,an angency that is set up to make environment of the state more efficient and conducive for living it’s unfortunate.may be it is the police word that is attached to it,if it so the government of cross-river-state should find another name and give it,e.g green-cadet,climate-sheriff and so on.

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