65-year-old Man did this to 4-year-old Girl (Photos)

Victim (Left) and Rapist (Right) 

This world is too wicked as the man of today know not conscience nor afraid of his God. How can a normal human being commit such act, it’s not uncalled for and barbaric.

A Calabar Reporters witnessed this with his naked eyes and we decided to share it with you. Something that shouldn’t have happened. Although he never told us the real location as we’re yet to find out from him.

The man at his sixties couldn’t fear God or man but indulge himself in committing such a horrible act to a girl of about 3-5 years of age. He didn’t only dis-virgin the girl but has ruin the little child’s future as she’ll everly live to remember this.

Her pride is lost, her virginity is no more; how can she stand in front of people tomorrow, how can she pride herself before a man tomorrow. Too bad.

Although information reaching us said the man was later burnt to death, but the damage has already been made.

Please, never leave your tender growing up daughters for any boy, man, uncle, brother, or family friends. This world is so devilish, hazardous and dangerous.

Imagine how this old man abused this tender girl. Please share to help save lives.

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