Complete breakdown of September 2016 Federal allocations to States

Well, we are in the second quarter of the year 2016 and almost all the states in the Federation are struglling to battle with one thing or the other, including payment of salaries, road constructions, provision of employment, social amenities, etc…

But with this little to Cross River State, what do you think the government should do with this money? Apart from Osun State with N868.9 million, Cross River State has the lower budget allocation of N2.04 billion only. Please read the allocation given to Cross River State or other and leave your views in the comment section below…

1. Abia N3.01 billlion,

2. Adamawa N3.14 billion,

3. Cross River N2.04 billion,

4. Ekiti N2.16 billion,

5. Edo N2.54 billion,

6. Kaduna N4.23 billion,

7. Kano N5.2 billion,

8. Lagos N7.92 billion

9. Rivers N9.05 billion

10. Zamfara, N2.58 billion.

11. Delta N7.39 billion,

12. Anambra N3.43 billion,

14. Benue N3.37 billion,

15. Borno N3.9 billion,

16. Ebonyi N2.99 billion,

17. Enugu N3.34 billion,

18. Gombe N2.61 billion,

19. Nassarawa N2.92 billion,

20. Imo N2.97 billion.

21. Kogi N3.39 billion.

22. Yobe N3.29 billion,

23. Taraba N2.89 billion,

24. Sokoto N3.62 billion,

25. Plateau N2.31 billion,

26. Oyo N3.53 billion,

27. Osun N868.9 million,

28. Ondo N4.18 billion,

29. Ogun N2.16 billion,

30. Niger N3.49 billion

31. Katsina N4 billion,

32. Bayelsa N7.6 billion,

33. Bauchi N3.52 billion,

34. Jigawa N3.82 billion,

35. Kebbi N3.36 billion

36. Kwara N2.77 billion.

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