Governor Ben Ayade send Media Aides to beg Abuja Political Foes

By Ifere Paul 

Governor Ben Ayade has directed his political appointees to take over the challenge of reconciling him with interest groups and perceived political enemies in Abuja. 
Ayade who has left Cross River State for over a month is now in Abuja begging whoever wants to listen to him. Governor Ayade has himself employed the services of Liyel Imoke at the cost of 700 Million Naira. Liyel has taken him so far to the la-creme of the Abuja politics including a decision to pay a visit to the outgoing Supreme Court Judge Mahmou Mohammed in the coming days.

In the bargain, Liyel Imoke has accepted that he will carry Governor Ben Ayade to most of the VIPs he (Imoke) thinks will influence the Supreme Court judgement including paying a visit to Onnoghen, the likely replacement of the Justice Mahmoud Mohammed at the Supreme Court.

However, Onnoghen has refused to see the dou when they intruded his privacy at his home uninvited. He in fact, distanced himself from them. And went on to ditch out stern warnings to his aides, especially his security details, and drivers telling them never to entertain “shadows that looks like the duo”.

In a twist of events, aides of Governor Ben Ayade in a frenzy to keep their jobs has also trooped to Abuja to broker soft landings among perceived critics of the administration. One of them who came to my office begged that I stop exposing what he called “the Ayade itinerary of movements and activities”. He confessed that the governor is not happy with such exposures. Hear him…“H.E faces a higher security risk through your activities because you seems to know much of his whereabouts, who he is with, and where he is planning to go. Please give the governor to prove himself through his policy templates. If at the end of his tenure he doesn’t achieve them, you can now criticise him in the next general elections”.

While one appointees was with Chief Okoi Obono-obla, another was in my office almost the same time. However, I refused any Selfie and in fact told the appointee that I will inform my followers about his visit. He begged that I should not mention his name.

It is so sad that Governor Ayade who until his travails at the Supreme Court has played a “larger than life personality” is now unleashing his puppies of appointees to go beg leading critics and Abuja political forces.

For me, Governor Ben Ayade should continue in his saintly pontification. We will all meet in heaven.

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