Nigeria's Orderly Dissolution #NigeriaReferendumNow

By Emeka Maduewesi

Last year I was part of the team that worked on one of the many cases that arose from the 2008 global economic crises. The case was against the rating agencies who gave AAA rating to Special Investment Vehicles that packaged loans.

During deposition, officers of these rating agencies were asked why they rated the SIVs AAA despite their short history. They responded that the documents setting them up provided for ORDERLY DISSOLUTION.

But as liquidity dried up, everything came crashing down, from London to New York, leaving in its wake the worst economic crises after the Great Depression of 1929. And that brings me to the precarious situation Nigeria is facing today.

Let me make something clear. Anyone who thinks that Nigeria will continue as presently constituted is living in an alternative world. Anyone that loves Nigeria should be working for its orderly dissolution. This is more so as liquidity has dried up and $1 is worth N400 today.

While some people are campaigning for restructuring, some are agitating for a break up. I am with the group asking for a break up. What should engage us today is to work for an orderly dissolution.

But that is not what the federal government and those who want to preserve their interest in Nigeria seem to be doing. Instead, they are intimidating the Igbo ethnic group who have suffered the worst kind of marginalization since 1970.

The Igbo states are under police and military siege, converting the Igbo into their ATM from which they collect money they did not deposit. Because the Igbo control all facets of trading and transportation in Nigeria, they are used as cash cows and financiers for market locations, only to be pushed out.

Other Nigerians should hide their faces in shame that the same people they supposedly defeated in a war in 1970 and have subjected to all forms of deprivation, marginalization, physical and educational roadblocks, hold the key to their survival as a nation.

As for those Igbos who hold elected and appointed offices in Nigeria today, you MUST make a CHOICE this year. You must tell us where you belong. You must take steps beyond speeches as speeches are expression of opinion not active commitment. You must sign a pact to work for ORDERLY DISSOLUTION of Nigeria.

Please we are not interested in the presidency of Nigeria. The Igbo DNA abhors any exercise of power that is not consultative. Executive presidency is anti-Igbo and any Igbo who thinks he or she will ever exercise such power should have a rethink. Go and read your history.

Orderly dissolution starts with asking the people.

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