The Hellish conspiracy of the Cabal

By Egbara Emmanuel

To some people it is enough to have power over even a single other individual, making for stress and strife within so many… Yes, it is altogether possible that the Negative lords might actually feed the hungry and shelter the poor if it serves their interests of power mongering in the long run…

Indeed many people outright distrust simplicity and will spend hours of time looking for the conspiracy that they have created in pretence.

Anything done on behalf of the poor is an attack on Nigerian “freedom”. Never forget that the anarcho-capitalist libertarians are not against rich, privileged elites… So, to reduce the power of government, and reduce the size, influence, wealth and power of the “State” is to alleviate the socialist threat… The socalled Northern Kaduna conspiracy is just another manifestation of it. It’s not irrational for left wingers to accuse a right wing cabal of war mongering capitalists led by Buhari but it has become a clear indication after weeks of silence.

Buhari can see all this with a dry eye, because it does not affect cabals and political profit – mongers… should it be asked in the cause of right againt might, to vindicate man’s rights and God’s providence against the hirers of theblood- spillers… ‘This is a conspiracy against the oppress by profit- mongers of war to partition amongst themselves the power of the landlords, on the one Nigeria, and still pretend to love the poor with a compensation fee of N5000 They pretend to love the poor that voted them.

“We shrink from our National security responsibilities at… The answer to this question used to be that otherwise we would be murdered in our beds by “the power monger’s conspiracy… money that sooner or later will destroy the purchasing power of the dollar and its role as world reserve currency… with myself, have said is deepening, the “Bubari budget” takes aim at support programs for the poor and out-of-work.

I Egbara Emmanuel quote as follows from my article titled “A Hellish Conspiracy,” in which Buhari and his men are said to be armed… firms, both inside and outside the ring, have actually armed the Fulani forces against Great Nigerians. The blood of the men, the tears of the women and children, and the future taxation and poverty of the poor were as nothing… but the chance of the war-mongers had come, and the confiagration must be hurried forward before the good sense of Nigerians vanish.

Confronting those who take advantage of the gullibility of other people to advance their own, self-serving agendas Why People Believe Weird Things is compelling and often disturbing.

Why do we have ups and downs in the national economy? Why does poverty continue to exist while a minute number of Nigerians enjoy a staggering increase in their personal wealth year after year?
A crawling dictator has taken hold of the federal government and, to remain true to Nigerian’s founding principles, argues that society must fight against the president’s blind vision.

Never underestimate the ability of political leaders to misread history on a monumental scale. The invasions of southern Kaduna have served to hasten Christianity decline: they have failed to achieve their objectives and in the process demonstrated an underlying religious impotence.

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