When a Government becomes the deceiver

By Egbara Emmanuel

First glance, you may wonder why Paul included a verse about stealing in a letter to Christians.

And, you may wonder why I would devote an entire message to this verse. After all, isn’t stealing just a problem for unbelievers, not for us evangelical Christians?

I won’t do it, but to get us to face reality, I could ask for a show of hands (heads bowed, eyes closed, of course) as to how many were tempted to steal or actually stole something in the past month.

After the first three paragraph I was tempted yo ask If Osibanjo is a Christian? I know many will challenge me not to judge any man; Nigerians are good in hiding under the Bible passage that will suit their character. Since most of us have been working on lies , it might be more skewed than at other times to discuss this topic .

We’re all tempted to think, “The government wastes billions of dollars every year. They won’t miss the tax on the extra income that I made in cash if I don’t report it!” But to act on that temptation is stealing!
While few of us would be tempted to pull off an armed robbery, if the situation is just right, it can be very tempting to take what does not belong to us.

The question a reasonable Nigerian will ask is what happened to the 2016 budget and what will be different in 2017.

A study found that 30 percent of Nigerians will steal, not only if the opportunity arises, but also will create the opportunity whenever possible that is why the Nigeria government has created a platform through the poor to steal. Forty percent will steal if there’s little danger of getting caught but since no one has been caught the stealing is on the rise Only 30 percent won’t steal at all,in Nigeria the 30% assertion is wrong because you hardly differentiate those who know their God when it comes to stealing Nigeria.

But I would venture to say that even the 30 percent would be tempted since thieves are been celebrated in Nigeria.

The federal government has come up with their norms of lies again that they are paying N5000 to Nigerians and Nobody want to ask questions.

Who are the Nigerians receiving the money? how do they come about their data ?On which website or media data base do they apply for the money or grant? Who are the people that tagged them poor and deserving payment, where is the collection point of the money for each state or constituency or local government?????

Wake up before these expired men think we all reason from the Nose.

If you can’t ask questions or use our heads we would sink with this government.

I guess it is their Almajjris in the north that they are compensating and thanking for giving them the underage almanjiri voters that brought them to power to deceive Nigerians.

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