Nigeria will temporarily get out of recession in 2017 – Bishop Emmah Isong

Bishop Emmah Isong 2018 Budget
Bishop Dr. Emmah Isong, General Overseer of Christian Central Chapel International (CCCI), Calabar

The General Overseer of Christian Central Chapel International (CCCI), Calabar, Bishop Dr. Emmah has prophesied that Nigeria will ephemerally come out of recession in 2017.

By Ndoma Richard, Calabar

The aforementioned Prophet revealed this prophesy in a sermon where he provided some facts about the year 2017. He stated that 2017 shall be better than 2016, by the grace of God. Bishop Isong vehemently emphasised on the number 7 of the year 2017. He said 7 means perfection, a day of rest, a day of completion of the work of God in people’s life and families and businesses.

The man of God also said, 2017 shall be a year of recovery of all that people have lost in the past. “For those of you that clean and sweep the church, the lord said it is a year of reward. The lord said you will be seated on a hill in a city that shall not be hid. And in 2017, all those who had been crying, shall be comforted. There’s someone here who had been sick, the lord said prepare water melon, slice it like bread and eat or crush and drink with your family after praying over it at the end of it you shall be healed according to Exodus chapter 23 verse 25”, he said.

Bishop Isong in his prophesy gave some tips to help catapult the signs from the Lord through Business tips, colour tips and others.

For Business tips, the Prophet said, “Dry cleaning business and fast food business will give many money this year. Another thing that will give people money is through learning another language other than English language; for this will make people richer than your mates. Just learn one more international language than the English you are speaking now. For instance, French.

“For Colour Tips, Purple and Gold will bring you favour this year.” He added.

Emmah Isong’s prophesy also touches governments, communities as he said, South Africa shall be in turmult, anti government riots and continous restiveness. Whiles Nigerians should pray for Oyo State in 2017 for there will go through some inesplicable crises. The nation should also pray for the following cities in Cross River and Akwa Ibom; Abak, Ibiono in Akwa Ibom, the entire people of Ejagham land and villages and Yakurr villages because of communal crises.

The CCCI founder also revealed some shocking revelations and attacks on people, business men and businesses. He said, “The brain creation and installation of the memories of pope John Paul shall be emphasied for his legal fee in 2017.

“There shall also be shocking revelations and attack on the business of the Billionaire Alhaji Aliko Dangote and his companies in 2017.

“Banks shall continue to go through crises, suffer set back. Pray because there shall be a set back of lost of confidence on the part of customers in 2017 of course I saw long queque and locking of the gate.

“Put your faith in God and not in the banks. If you are working in the bank why not work with wisdom?” he said.

With the man of God in the spirit, more was prophesied on as he speaks:
“Airborn sicknesses. People are advised to cover their nose to prevent it as a result of the evil wind that will blow from the Sahara, terrible discoveries and recovery in the power sector especially NEPA. Terrible skeleton from the cupboard on the sector will be revamped and restored.

“Nigeria shall excel in sports especially in the competitions that has to do with tennis tournaments.apart from other sports.

“2017 shall be a year of continous probes and panels of enquiries and many will forfeit their jobs, several heads of governments, departments and parastatals shall be sacked due to corruption charges this year. Federal government shall dedicate huge time and resources to building.

“The Nigeria Army in Collaboration with foreign friends with Brazil and other parts of South America. Nigeria Farmers will have a boost. There will be shortage of amenities and seedlings in 2017. In 2017, the farmers shall rejoiced. There will free and continous medical exploits in the area of eye surgeries and eye help.

“Uphold former president IBB. In prayers, for him to survive in the year 2017. There will be emerging face off between United States of America and Turkish government. The year shall be a year of great reconciliation,of old friend s enermies both National and internationally, north South and across to east to west.

“I saw in Jacob`s Ladder and the lord showed me that in this 2017, men and women who are faithfully in their tithes and offering and seed sowing will be promoted.

“Pray for Bishop David Oyedepo and all the fathers of faith in Nigeria shall be a year of great shakings and controversies. Many gatherings and narrow escape from death.

“Top calibres of society women shall be undergoing dangerous health attack and surgeries but the people that say Amen it shall not be your portion.
There shall be woken from sleep only to discover that enermies have surrounded them, but they will defeat the enermy in less than 30 minutes.

“There shall be rivival of values, sound conduct would be emphasied in the Nation`s socio-cultural structures emphasies on intergriety and values shall stand as part of anti-corruption fight.

“2017 shall be special for year paramout chiefs rulers for their recognition in the Nigeria national politics. The nation`s health sector shall be revived. There shall be revival of Nigeria health sector, evaluation and ratings of hospitals and clinics. Some clinics and hospitals shall be closed down in a manner some will be knocked out of business.

“Pray for Senate Minority Leader Senator Godswill Akpabio, that the dogs sent by his enermies to attack him should not attack him in public or bit him in secret.

“In 2017 the pope shall turn his attention to Nigeria many churches especially the ones incorporated will know their rights but shall be force not to cover their obligations but there will enjoy their privileges.

“Women should be careful not to be exposing their bodies so that they don’t initiate you to marmaid cult. Exposed dresses that is trendy but not in consonace with God will exposing your body a lot of women will be initiated. Its a year of poisoning espercially of the high calibre be careful of social functions for there is going to be incessant death to the extend that if care is not taken it will get the government distracted. More strigent laws will be made against cigarette smoking.

“Beware of prohesies that comes out from those who used familiar spirits to divide your families and break away relationships between friends. Those of you that consults be careful of where you go to seek for consultation.

“Nigeria shall come out from recession but you should give the glory to God so that a worst thing should not happen to us again. Soccer competition will take place in Calabar that will attract a huge crowd to Calabar that will look like that of a carnival and it will attract revenue to the state.

“National association of engineers should be cautious so that they don’t allow ethnic and tribal and different sentiment tear the asociation apart.
Akwa ibom state there already a political battle line drawn for the 2019. There’s a new development and victory that will shocked political permutators.

“In Cross River State, there will a boom in cocoa trade and a boom for hardworking traders and farmers.

Calabar based politicians are going to clash with Abuja based politicians as a result of political scheming and manoeuvring. There will be a lot of decamping even from governors to Governors from one political party to another.

“Managing Directors of two major companies shall land in hot soup in the early quarter of the year in a manner that they might be thrown into jail,” he concluded.

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