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By Maiwada Dammallam


~ Ahmed Joda, as the Chairman of the transition committee put in place by President Muhammadu Buhari to interface with the former administration of Goodluck Jonathan for a smooth handover of power on May 29, stated that the former president left behind a N7 trillion liability.

~ Vice President Yemi Osinbanjo, shortly before the handover of power said that the new government would be inheriting a debt of $63 billion.

~ Former Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala said of the $63 billion debt, Jonathan’s administration only incurred $21.8 billion. (Premium Times)

Above were declaration from credible sources of the sordid finances of Nigeria as inherited by President Buhari on 29/5/15. It’s not in contention that Nigeria was a financial mess and on the verge of collapse the day President Buhari was sworn-in. It’s quite amusing to see people so obsessed with the task of rewriting a history that’s not yet cold.

When people are desperate chances are, they will keep throwing blind punches that may miss the intended target and earn them bloodied noses – a phenomenon footballers call ‘own goal!

Now, let’s look at this childish attempt to rubbish the gains of President Buhari by the amalgamation of ‘online patriots’ who are daily battling to teach Nigerians where the ‘Buhari shoe’ is pinching them from across the Atlantic. In their latest ‘ingenuity’, they are cooking spurious figures as what the administration inherited from the dysfunctional PDP administration. They claimed President Buhari inherited $30bn from thee sacked regime and went ahead to add phantom figures as what the revenue generated by this administration from inception.

Not done with the ‘market woman’ logic, the ‘Intercontinental cyber-activists’ went further to claim that President Buhari failed to impact the system by not a kilometer of road constructed, not a watt of Electricity generated, not a ward added to any Hospital in Nigeria, not a job space created, not a grain of corn or tomato seed was provided to farmers bla bla bla. No ‘wailer’ could wail more foolishly!

It’s the zenith of foolishness to claim President Buhari inherited $30bn in the foreign reserve without telling the world he also inherited a $63bn liability most of which was avoidable but, all the same was accumulated with the dubious, destructive and inhuman intention of campaigning for candidate Jonathan at the expense of critical issues like upsetting pension liabilities which,despite the claim of the ‘online tourists’of President Buhari not adding a single value to Nigeria was recently settled in full to the gratitude of the pensioners and the admiration of the nation.

Despite the ‘non-value adding’ tag earned by President Buhari from these ‘electronic weidos’, it’s clear despite the costly nature of security, the whole world is in total agreement that Nigeria has returned to normalcy saved from the deadly clutches of ferocious insurgents that once silenced even ‘critics’ living in distant lands who, ordinarily should feel safe and secure to touch those topics too deadly for locals to deal with.

Not even when the Nigerian map was being redrawn with almost a whole region under the full control of insurgents did these foreign based ‘cyber-activists’ feel the issue deserve their attention. Of course, self-preservation is always the first rule, so, I’m not blaming them and neither should you, after all, a man got the right to be either a hero or a coward. The only rule – just don’t claim to be what you are not.

If you choose to be a coward, stick with the label and nurse your tragic choice. Trying to influence others is a tragedy worse than the choice. It’s quite absurd that one should be blinded and not only assume but make such an assumption public that Nigeria could achieve reasonable security and stability without the government investing for it. Regardless of intellectual capacity, it’s easily deducible for anyone to know that President Buhari couldn’t achieve what eluded the previous government for 5 years after spending billions of dollars with proceeds from his Daura farm or his salary. Perhaps, he’s a magician!

It’s funny for people claiming the highest of educational certificates and the best of exposure to reduce themselves to something less than ‘suya joint political analysts’. It’s entirely one’s right to be as clownish as humanly possible but, it’s out of order to challenge public sensibility while doing that. You can’t just reel out figures without credible source and claim same as what the government generate while claiming nothing was done to the people. How would you know when as a runaway African you are in faraway USA nursing the fear of the upcoming Trump presidency. You may pick bits of information about ‘home’ but, be assured online/electronic assessment of impact of a government on the public is something not yet achieved by technology. Let’s not digress.

What was presented in the mischievous opinion was less than half the story. One would expect authors of the mischief to write what mess President Buhari met and how much of it he cleared for Nigeria to to start functioning like a normal country. About N400bn petroleum subsidy claims settled and about N200bn released to settle part of about N2trn being owed contractors to have them return to site and complete some critical projects all meant nothing to these traducers because they are so used to bandying huge fictitious figures to even notice how that helped the restoration agenda of President Buhari. How could the settlement of over N200bn salary arrears of civil servants translate into ‘something’ in the weird world of the ‘cyber-analyst’.

Not even a dunderhead should be forgiven for disability to accurately assess Nigeria’s situation and understand that yes, there is development proportionate to Nigeria’s finances. Also, a dunce should not be forgiven for not asking why nobody is yet to catalogue the ‘sins of Buhari’ and forward same to the agencies vested with the powers to ensure there is sanity in the system. At least nobody would accuse this administration of shielding public officials from answering questions about perceived misdeeds; not with the Senate President still going to Court of Conduct to clear his name against allegations of falsification of his asset declaration forms.

With the availability of the EFCC/ICPC and a new vibrancy in the war against corruption, resorting to ‘cyber-justice’ to settle administrative squabbles is the most cowardly and time wasting thing to do. Of course, I’m convinced motives of the attacks were neither honest nor meant to make Nigeria any better but, is it so hard a mental task to understand that Nigerians are no longer the dunces they used to be and could easily read between the lines and see fraud where one exist?

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