God does not forsake His Servants: The Ayade example

By Solomon Asha

Over the past years working as a journalist and interacting with the mighty, middle and even the lowest of the society, and of recent the victory of Donald trump in the last USA general election, I have come to appreciate one irrefutable fact that there is always divine influence in determining who emerges as a leader at whatsoever level of leadership.

No wonder in the bible book of Psalms 75: 6-7 the Psalmist declared that promotion does not come from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south, but God is the judge who put down one and set up another, while Daniel 4:17 clearly stated, “This matter is by the decree of the watchers and demand by the word of the holy ones; to the intent that the living may know that the most High rules in the kingdom of men, and gives it to whomsoever he will and set up over it the basest of men”.

The emergent of political leaders after elections under a democratic system in which the will of the people is express through the outcome of the balloting, granting genuine mandate to one as against the other does not obliterates but goes a step further to elucidate and magnify the bible’s position that power is given by God, just as it is in conformity with the popular say that the will/voice of the people is the will/voice of God.

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It is by this principle and divine order of things that the Governor of Cross River State, Senator Ben Ayade, after being voted massively by the people of Cross River in the last year’s gubernatorial elections, emerged victorious and was sworn-in as Governor of the state on May 29, 2015. His victory and subsequent taking over of the political leadership and number one political seat in Cross River gives credence to the immutable reality that the Almighty rules in the affairs of men.

God has chosen Governor Ayade from a humble background to be at the helm of affairs in Cross River and the people, equally overwhelmingly handed over their collective mandate to him for the first four years and nothing less. When God chooses a man he does so not because the person is perfect, but because the individual possesses the potentials/qualities to be used as an instrument of god to bless his people.

God select leaders even from before the foundation of the world, he selects them right from their mother’s wombs as it was the case with Jacob whom God loved and Esau he hated; yet Esau was a hard worker and provider of food for the family while Jacob was by our modern word, a cheat. This did not prevent God from loving him and fulfilled the promise made to Abraham through Jacob and his 12 sons.

The Supreme Court of Nigeria has just affirmed that divine appointment and the mandate of the people of Cross River state and other Nigerians who voted for Ayade in the last year’s gubernatorial election by declaring him the authentic Governor of Cross River. It is the Lord’s doing and it is wonderful in our eyes; after all God demand mercy and not sacrifice.

Congratulation Cross Riverians, congratulation my boss, Governor Ayade and congratulation, men of good will toward the administration of Governor Ayade.

Finally, I am strongly of the opinion that the time for battle is now gone. It is time for Cross Riverians of all shades of socio-economic, political, religious and ethnic background to forge a common front to support the administration of Senator Ayade to take the state to its destined destination.

Again, Governor Ayade is aware that he who is magnanimous in victory will ever remained to be successful in all his/her endeavour, after all, two wrongs cannot make a right, just as hate is always completely vanquished by love.

Bravo to the Judges of the Supreme Court for standing by the truth/God and by the people of Cross River State and other Nigerians who whole-heartedly gave Ayade the mandate to lead them for four years.

God bless Cross River State.

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