Don’t praise me because I am not good enough – Ayade


By Inok Solomon

Robert Collier asked, “What is the eternal question which stands up and looks you and every sincere man squarely in the eye every morning”?

He gave a simple answer, “How can I better my condition”? This life question confronts us, and haunt us every day till we solve it.

Sometimes, our Human desires when met, creates a vacuum between us and the larger society, because we live in conditions we first thought solve, only to realize the larger system did not move along with us as we put efforts to achieve solutions. The solve conditions become personal, internal, within your individual circle. You finally, discovers, as Spencer will say, “A Problem solve, is a problem double.”

These conditions are not personal conditions, these conditions are societal conditions. The problem becomes double because this time you have a battle with “Social Heredity” of every member of the society.

By Social Heredity, Napoleon Hill referred to it as, “all methods through which a child is taught any idea, dogma, creed, religion or system of ethical conduct, by its parents or those who may have authority over it, before reaching the age at which it may reason and reflect upon such teaching in its own way.”

The complexity of the social nature of man gain through social heredity creates the complexity of desires, methods, and to a greater extent conflicts. And so we have a society of not only physical conflicts, but internalized individual conflicts.

It takes a true leader to understand that in a society where man cannot eat the flesh of man, man only eat man financially. Corruption has eaten the very nervous system that controls our core values toward societal building.

Therefore, for any true leader to re-calibrate and reform the society, a new culture must emerge, a new thinking, new ideas, and new minds. In as much as there is a clear understanding of the fact that wealth depends upon Thoughts as the only creator. Robert said, “The greatest business of life is thinking.”

Governor Ayade, at the time when your new culture of Deep thinking becomes our major Social Heredity, Cross River will move from the Service Heritage (Slavish Heritage) to a Production nerve center of Africa.

Time when our fathers will talk to us about the working of a deep sea port, the functionalities of the superhighway, the magical production capabilities of the Rice City, the expertise of a Garment factory, the positive nature of the Pharmaceutical factory, the great benefits of the Power Plant, the possibilities of moving from Calabar to Obudu in 1hr 30mins will never be a death thought anymore.

A time when we will not only go to school to get good jobs but to create good jobs.

Then, when we shall, as we shall, very soon, come to terms with our very selves and unite as one people and see ourselves as truly those “Who Can Do It because We Believe and Have Faith.”

We are preaching the Word, keep pouring out your wealth of Ideas.

Speak Ayade, Think Cross River!

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