State of the matter between Joe Agi vs Ben Ayade


By Ifere Paul

Calabar Reporters have already received a verdict even before the December 9th Supreme Court’s case between Barrister Joe Agi (SAN) and Cross River State Governor, Professor Ben Ayade. The rumours surrounding the state has been stipulated by Ifere Paul, a social Activist and a Chinese to English translator, and it’s stated below:

The allegations against Joe Agi (SAN) that he bribed a judge of the Federal High Court does not and will not in anyway hamper the delivery of whatever verdict that has been reserved until 9th December, 2016.

The issue(s) of bribery by Joe Agi (SAN) to the High Court judge was not the issue in contention in the case between Ayade vs Joe Agi, and et al.

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It is important that Joe Agi’s integrity to contest a rerun of the election as may be ordered by the Supreme Court can only be question inside the PDP. That is, after the verdict may have been passed.

However, it is very disgusting and appalling that Joe Agi (SAN), a man that is the bastion of hope for most Cross Riverians is dragged to the mud over allegations of bribery and corruption to a judge within a period panning 15 years.

It is nonetheless, very disappointing.

Well, if this information is as true as stated above, Cross Riverians will decide comes December 9th, 2016.

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