Ayade emancipating Cross Riverians from the Heritage of Service: Heritage of Slavery


For purpose of length, this Post will be in two parts, Problems and Solutions.

I hate going to Nigeria Museums, my reason is those places engrave deeper truth of the black man slave heritage and wake my black man inferiority complex. Yet I have never been a slave in my entire life, not my parents or grand-parents. In fact my genealogy is not known for slavery.

“Twin Highland” what inventive history do we tell our children about such a place that enshrine in them the productive mind-set? Thank God for Calasvegas.

We go to the white man home and when we are told of our slavish heritage, we accept it too easily because we preserve slavish history right on our door post for our children.

The “Prison Wall” I so hate that place, Prison Walls for who? The white man or inventors? I rather see the Canoe used by the first Ogoja Man to convey Food stuff to Calabar

The white man make museums of great inventors and their works, inculcating in their children the spirit of discoveries, productivity, strength and mastering.

This slavish heritage block our mentality to real growth, because it creates in us fear, doubt, worries, that bind life in so many poor souls into all manner of diseased form. We were treating Malaria before the white man came, but till date, we still depend on the white man for medicine to treat malaria.

What is mankind’s greatest enemy? Ask any doctor, and he will tell you “Congestion.” And what is congestion but congealed life, life bound into constricting limits by worry and fear.

What then is the Spiritual Force that Directs the Ayade Governance and imbibe the consciousness of Emancipation?

The Governor in a closing Remark at the Just concluded Ranch Retreat said, “As a people, we were known as the geographical location to get house helps, to get people who will keep your home clean and neat, and so traditionally, all of us from this axis, Cross River and Akwa Ibom, they just say, “That Calabar Man.” So if you have a house help, it must be a Calabar man. If you need cooks, it has to be a Calabar Man. And so, in the cause of time, we develop a perpetuity of thoughts, that the Calabar man must be gifted to providing service for a master.”

I call it a Cancerous attitude of leaving our fate in the hands of men.

How does this place our heritage?

Governor Ayade stated it clearly, “we have the painful heritage of being the first people to provide that slavery service support to the white man. The cumulative impact of that, is that we developed the service culture that focuses on trying to be nice to our boss.”

Has this put us in a better and more civilized and inventive position? Not at all.

For Ayade, it is better to stay in poverty, and have the dignity of self-esteem, than being a servant in the house of a billionaire, and run the agony of feeling that I am a house boy, even if I earn a million times more.

How good is our choice for Tourism?

According to Ayade, “the choice of tourism also came, virtually as concerned that perception, (Perception of Service or slavery) and so the people choose tourism, which means you are ready to serve visitors who come to Cross River. You took a slavish position.”

The Slavish Position is that we killed the power within us, within everyone, this mighty resistless force with which we can perform undertakings that will dazzle our reason, stagger our imagination. We forgot to note that “in the beginning was the Word,” “What is a Word”? A mental image, is it not? So all that God had in the beginning was a mental image. We killed ours.

To continue with Ayade’s Analysis, “So you take a position to provide service, and so you structure tourism on a tripod that can’t stand, because in international tourism, which is investment tourism, your major and first class customer is yourself, so if you say you want to set up a tourism organ, the internal consumption capacity and patronage on your tourism investment, must be your people.”

If I must echo a sound here, then it will be, “If you are not too well satisfied with your world as it is. What shall you do to improve it? RECREATE it! All we need is the mental image, and the faith to put the creative force all about us into it.”

To that Ayade said, “You must also therefore, do kinetic analysis that will give you a clear indicant whether indeed, the internal patronage of that your 5 star hotel you are going to build, whether Cross Riverians will have enough money to be able to stay in that hotel.”

The perception of Service and Slavish Heritage cut out our fate from our hands. We only modified it by name and call it tourism. One writer said until we learn that, “I am the master of my fate,” we will never attain life’s full success.”

Here the final Conclusion of Ayade’s ‘Slavish’ analysis, “Now as it was then, the perception was that perhaps, if we set up such a focus on tourism, since we already have that impression, we can make so many people come into the state, and therefore, we grow from there. The consumption capacity of the state and the productivity situation of the nation could not support the statistic of that calculus, over time, it proves very difficult.”

The Crack

“And so we became a tourism state, without the consumption power, you chose tourism against industries. It is always results before pleasure. So we placed pleasure before results. So we have an average Cross Riverian whose past time is to set around the fireplace, if from a religious settlements and listen to folklores, singing and practicing traditional dance steps, while his colleagues are researching, thinking and using the brain. Waiting for salaries that are not even good enough.”

It is known that God allows change, the great reptiles, and the monster beasts of antiquity, all passed on. But “Life Principle” stayed, changing as each age changed, always developing, and always improving.

We can do better Cross River!
Speak Ayade, Think Cross River!

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