How Governor Ayade feels about you, Cross Riverians: Poor or Rich


“God never made any man poor any more than he made any man sick. Look around you. All of Nature is bountiful.” – Robert Collier

Great men and women of the world, after great investigations, concludes that the only Law of Nature, is the Law of Supply. Jesus after preaching to the Five Thousand people and having taken their whole day, noticed hunger has taken course. He turned to Supply, first, not the quantity but the source and availability. Five loaves and two fishes.

Again in the matter of Tax, Jesus never shy away for lack of money, but created a source and from that source Supply was made. The Bible said, “….So go cast a line into the lake and pull out the first fish you hook. Open its mouth, and you will find a coin. Use it to pay your taxes and mine.” – Mat. 17:27.

Many look at this as miracle, well from Jesus yes, but from us, most of his followers were fisher men, meaning you can pay your tax from any job you do. The Supply Source.

Robert said, “Poverty is Unnatural. It is man-made, through the limits man puts upon himself.”

How then is Governor Ayade, following this principle?

The newly propounded Ayadesian theory, states, “Ayadesian theory creates a mathematical theorem and equation that places a constant K on the wellbeing of the people. Putting food on the table and a hoe in the hand.” This is so in line with Jesus demonstration in verse 27 of Matthew chapter 17. First providing a Coin from the fish mouth, but later you need to sell that fish to make money and pay.

Ayade’s appointments in the interim are like the Coin, the Hoe is the fishing line and the Fish itself, are the opportunities which are going to come in through the SPVs. We must take advantage of them by getting involve and selling the products of our hands gotten by using the Hoe.

I am not here comparing Ayade to Jesus Christ. Not at all! But the wisdom set by Jesus is seen practical in the works of men. It is in this line of thoughts that I draw out the above Bible knowledge to buttress facts of practical reality.

In His opening speech at the just concluded Retreat for all political appointees, to prove himself human and fallible, He stated, “That I, as the executive governor of Cross River State and indeed my core exco team, cannot indeed provide all the solutions to the challenges and address all the issues before us as a state. And therefore a need for this section, to allow perhaps for opportunity for every one of us in government to bring value to governance.”

It is therefore, imperative to ask ourselves. What is my Philosophy of Cross River State? Because to Governor Ayade, His Philosophy is thus, “those who have creative thinking and thoughts that have not been captured in our periscope, but hopping that with this opportunity, we will have again time to be able to distil some silent points, perhaps, something we are doing wrong, or another side to look at it.”

What is your individual Focus and Subject matter as a Cross Riverian? Dr. DC Enahem will say, “Think Cross River.” Governor Ayade stated again clearly in his speech, “The subject matter is Cross River State.”

What is your ambition? Again Robert set a stage here by saying, “On every hand you see profusion, in the trees, in the flowers, in everything that God planned.” Your ambition need to carry with it the infinite audacity, because you are the creation of an infinite God. The will and nature of the Creator surrounds you whenever, “you put your soul above your body.” Governor Ayade ambition therefor, is, “Cross River State, number 35 in terms of federation allocation, with a great ambition, that is: Growing to be the leading state in this country. That is our Ambition.”

With great audacity falling down like a voice from above, “And we will, we will, because we are driven by a passion that is spiritual.”

What is your Love and Happiness for Cross River State?

The purpose of existence is Growth. You can’t grow spiritually or mentally without love and happiness. By Happiness, it is not a timid resignation to the “Will of God.” Robert said, “That so called “Will of God”is more often than not either pure laziness on the part of the resigned one.”

The love and Happiness here is everyday enjoyment of everyday people. Love and laughter and honest amusement. All of us are entitled to it. We all can have it.

Joyless work, small pay, no future, nothing to look forward to, God never planned such an existence. It is man-made and we can be man enough to unmake it as far as individuals and as State are concerned.

“We must stamp out hunger, we must stamp out criminality, we must bring value, we must bring class we must bring peace and unity, we must bring law back to Cross River State that we do know. CRS is reputed as a very civilized state. Cross Riverians are Handsome and beautiful people, good hearts. All we need do is to sit back to think of what we can do for our state, and not what our state can do for us.”-Ayade.

“What makes a Cross Riverian, different even when he is watching a football match is that, as he is watching, you don’t see Agitation, you don’t see the excitation, and you don’t see the roughness that characterizes such public fora. A Cross Riverian is known to be well restrain, self-civilised, very refined, very modulated, manages his frequency, watches what he says, sets on his breathe before his mouth start talking. That is Cross River, that what we are, that is the people.”

This is love with a deep conviction and spiritual passion.

Speak Ayade, Think Cross River!

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