CRS: Ready for the New world of Business Minded Leaders, as Trump is elected American President



By Inok Solomon

America is bankrupt, and instead of pretending: Today Donald Trump said, “America will never settle for anything less.” I first thought Hillary will win due to the old America philosophy, “pretending to remain a world power instead of facing realities.” I thought America will rather want to elect the first Woman America President to show the world their Political maturity, but the results shows otherwise. The Americans are fade up with pretends, when the economy is surviving continually on Bailout Funds. Printing money to settle debts and increasing Inflation and decreasing economic values.

Thoughts, Ideas, and vision equal creative invention, for a change to take place, those with these ideas, thoughts and vision, determine to go far away from old traditions. They disconnect from the existing precedents and fight hard to set new ones. Here, Ayade and Trump are alike, a new era Business Political philosophers, who play hard on Business and Economic truth, not minding if they take them to win or fail. To them winning and Failing are the same.

“What will happen if we had leaders who knew how to create wealth rather than just knowing how to spend other people’s (tax payers) money?”

“Putting food on the table with a hoe in your hands” —-Ayadesian
“Building things and Cut Tax”—–Donald Trump

“People are perishing economically due to a lack of financial education in our schools.”

Rather than teach people to fish, we are teaching kids the Robin Hood philosophy of economics: “Take from the rich and give to the poor.” Socialism. Generosity that creates more poor people.

Is Ayade expanding of political appointments, creating the green police, homeland security, and so many unproductive political boards and agencies, a Robin Hood philosophy?

No! Ayadesian Theory state this is to “stimulate consumption (demand) and on the other hand, created state SPVs such as garment factory, cross river rice company, cross river pharmaceutical company, cross river power company etc to serve as supply end to balance the increase in demand occasioned by several political appointments.”

“Creating jobs to raise demand without a corresponding creation of govt mediated private sector will lead to demand outstripping supply (inflation).”

“So Ayadesian econokinetics provides for SPV and third party structures to buoy the supply coefficient.”-Ayade

Speak Ayade, Think Cross River!

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