Former Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources passes on

Former Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources, Late Dr Okoi Eteng
Former Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources, Late Dr Okoi Eteng
Former Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources, Late Dr Okoi Eteng

Chief Eteng Okoi Obuli, former Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources in Alhaji Shehu Shagari administration is dead.

Chief Eteng Okoi died on the 8th of November, 2016. Chief Eteng Okoi Obuli is one of the foremost lawyers in Cross River State. He is as shrewd in the courtroom as Jack Ripper was in his art.

Chief Eteng Okoi Obuli is the second person to be made minister from Yakurr Local Government Area. And the first from Nkonko Ndelopon. As a Minister of Agriculture, Chief Eteng Okoi is the first man to establish a commercial farm with almost all aspects of a true farm. He had a poultry with over 50,000 birds as far back as 1984, which was made up of layers for eggs and browlers for meat.

He had several fish ponds inside the farm, with two outside the farm by the gate. There was a piggery, a goat shed, and sheep huts. Chief Eteng Okoi was the first to connect Nko to the UNDP water project. A gesture he took to other towns. During his stay in office, Nigeria was exporting rice, beans, cocoa, lemon grass, palm oil, etc.

However, Chief Eteng Okoi Obuli stay in office was truncated when the military overthrown the administration of Alhaji Shehu Shagari. Eteng Okoi was arrested and jailed as a political prisoner for over 2 years. Chief Eteng Okoi had not seen it necessary to return back into full politics ever since. He was a member of the constitutional review committee during the IBB Regime.

He however, receives and broker peace among warring political factions in the LGA and State in general. His political antecedence and growth is built upon his doggedness, integrity, sincerity, open mindedness, and ability to associate with the powerful and mighty.

Chief Okoi Obuli is a lover of life. He drinks to associate with the young, old, literates, and illitrates. He is a lover of wines and collect wines. He is an oenophile-someone who collects wines, taste wines or mixes wines to produce a flavor.

He is a handsome man with a sweet but raspy sort of voice, the sort that singers in the opera have. He is a lover of women of different sizes and colors.

Many a woman will fall over Chief Okoi Obuli because of his aristocratic beginning. A sheer class of elegance. A gentry known only in Britain. He is a perfect gentlemen. A companion, and a good friend to all. He has so many beautiful daughters, and will easily give you a lecture on what to do to win any of his daughter’s heart.

Chief Okoi Obuli is a complete man. An Encyclopedia of knowledge. He loves cars, books, foods, wines, and travelling. A discussion of any of these is okay. He understands the art of sex and relationship. And sex for longevity.

As a part time, Chief Okoi Obuli likes playing chess, bagamon, monopoly, and draft. For sports and exercises, he plays lawn tennis.

For relaxation, he listens to classical instrumentation, jazz, etc.

Chief Eteng Okoi Obuli is a traditional yam title holder. He celebrated his yam titleship with glamour.

He is survived with so many children.

May His Soul Rest In Peace.

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