Open Letter to Governor Ben Ayade – Part 2


By Daniel Agbor

The Guinness Book of World Records inscribes your name in Gold

5. I have also observed the level of your loyalty to the President since your assumption into office. You have visited him more than thrice, even bringing him to the state for ground breaking ceremony of the state. It is on record that you are the best governor both of the opposition and the ruling party that is in the good books of the President. You have even sponsored the programmes of the ruling party All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state and even declared some of their detractors wanted.

6. Your Excellency sir, your achievements in the security of the state is very commendable. Your operation “show force”, scolombo and recently your appeal to the military to extend the operation crocodile in the state to checkmate bunkering and militancy is the best in the country. Don’t mind all those trying to sabotage your administration by planting miscreants to loot, kill and maim. All the activities of secret cults have been minimize except for the recent act of sabotage. Even the news trending in the social media of the attack on the Deputy Governor is the handwork of the wicked people. Their attempt has failed because all the killings have stopped. Calabar South is at peace again and the operation show force and scolombo are well funded. Even the said security vote is use diligently by you. Keep doing your good works in the security section.

7. How will you be blamed Your Excellency about the recent strike by the primary school teachers? We know that they have been on strike for about two months now. What is your blame there when the local government chairmen signed an agreement about their allocations? You saw the lapses in the data base of the workers which made you to bring in the specialist from Abuja. Even though they use their phones as camera for the image capturing. They did an excellent job which has started yielding dividend with some people paid already even the once that have retired long ago.

8. How will we forget something soon the successful employment of our young men and women in your administration. You have the highest number of political appointees who have keyyed into the poverty alleviation scheme. Sir, we know without this, survival will have been difficult for them. We know what it takes to pay 1206 appointees in the state with a lean resources such as ours. Don’t mind the detractors saying that it’s over bloated when they can’t even employ a common house help. Posterity will not forgive us if we don’t mention our young men and women in the green police of which you are the inspector general. The public complaint about their posting when we know that documentation takes time and they will all be paid from when they passed out.

9. Your Excellency, I guess you might have forgotten. But who won’t forget it when the responsibilities of running a state are enormous. Yes, the promise to Cross Riverians of sending 200 for technical education abroad. Could it be the planned Canadian Technical School you want to establish? Your Excellency, we will excuse the forgetfulness which is a common human attribute just that some people who have been taking panadol on your headache are always abusing Cross Riverians who try to question few things. This people always make people feel you are evil. The even said that you have been defending your brother, the one you call co-governor when EFCC arrested him. We know that they are trying to drag your family name to the mud even when we know that Frank was just keeping the money for the state as a co-governor. Who has not seen the garment factory that the co-governor have been working everyday to put together? Your Excellency don’t mind the bad belle people.

10. Even the mountain race you stopped that no Cross Riverian has ever won. People still talked about it. How will they know that as Commissioner for Tourism and Governor, you have to make your people feel the impact of government? The most annoying one Barr. Venatius Ikem your brother. He has been spreading this hate campaign against your government despite all the things you did for him. We know you gave him a contract but he wanted to be co-governor too. We don’t know what is really wrong with him. That is how he has been doing. Though we also know that those Generators at Obudu will start supplying light to your people. Very good project you did there. Your Excellency, don’t mind the detractors of your administration. They are trying to make you unpopular as a digital governor. We also know their plans of organizing area boys to block the Deputy Governor. Don’t worry, Just keep on going, and going and going….

11. Your Excellency, I must commend you as being the most advised Governor. Though many people think that this advise is wasted because you don’t always take advise. Hmmmm. Their reason from every indication is because of your poverty alleviation programme evident in the 1601 appointees. What could be wiser than this? To alleviate poverty from the citizenry through appointments. The jubilation across the state on the appointment is liken to September 11 ‘jubilation’ in America during the Twin Towers bomb blast. What again do these people expect from you when you have clearly stated that every appointee must have a rice farm. What more are they expecting when you recently had a retreat with your appointees at the ranch. Even though some had an accident on their way and some without apartments to stay. This is the sacrifice in service we always talk about. What more HE are they looking for when you ended the retreat with a solemn assembly. At least you gone further to celebrate your new found love with God even though many taught you don’t love God as they keep talking about the small god back home. We know this not true.

12. His Excellency (HE), we know you have tried so much in bringing The Central Bank Governor to Cross River to flag off the Federal Government rice intervention programme. Very beautiful presentation though the bad belle people are at it again. This time they are saying that you proposed a rice city in Calabar which the place is still bulldozed but flagged off a rice intervention programme else where in Obudu with rice already cultivated. How come and how possible where nothing was heard of this rice in Obudu before now? Could it be independent rice farms by individuals? Time will tell.

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