RE: Masacare in New Netim Community in CRS

Response to Christian Ita’s false publications by Ifere Paul. 

In the words of Zig Ziglar “The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty”. It is better to live in such a way that when your children think of equity, fairness, and integrity, they think of you.

It has come to our acquaintance, the crusade of denigration on our people, the paramount ruler of Odukpani Local government area, and one of our illustrious sons, Ntufam Edet Asuquo, by a community renegade called Christian Ita, who doubles as a chief press secretary to the cross river state government, as well as a gangster.

We the NEW NETIM PROGRESSIVE FORUM have decided to engross our group in the on-going melee initiated by greed and show of unnecessary power, by Mr Raphael Ita (whom we no longer regard as an Ntufam) and his son, Christian Ita. Let us borrow from the great bob marley “the greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively”, we have watched helplessly how this duo have mobilised mercenaries to cause infirmityand unprecedented loss to the people of New Netim, in odukpani localgovernment area, it is with great disdain we discover how much of lies you (CHRISTIAN ITA) publish in the media, accusing our great Ntufam Edet Asuquo, as the perpetrator of this reprehensible act.

Let us refresh your memories a bit, this same man you have accused, while an SA to NDDC commissioner, attracted several projects to our community, including tarring the road that leads to the community which your Dad wants to preside over, this same Ntufam Edet
Asuquo, provided street lights and electrification to the New Netim people. Christian Ita or perhaps Mr “chief press secretary”, kindly endow us with one single project that you have attracted to our community, we challenge you to that.

The most abrasive comments credited to you in one of your chancy publications, is accusing our Ntufam Edet Asuquo and the paramount ruler of unleashing carnage on our people. We want to douse the air and make Nigerians know this, Christian Ita do you have a block moulded in your name in New Netim? Not even a house of your own.
Let us place this side by side the prodigious butchery and destructionsin the community, Ntufam Edet Asuquo has a house and several achievements in the community, so let Nigerians judge, who will unleash mayhem and want to erase history?

Is it the man who has a house there and has affected lives or Christian Ita who doesn’t know his homeland?
In this trying time for our people, you have vehemently refused to support the youths, aged and children by coming out publicly to supple an apology to the families you and your dad have rendered itinerant in their own community, which is the only thing they require from you.

Also in one of your publications, you mentioned Ntufam Edet Asuquocalling for your sack, is that a sign of fear? Perhaps you should tell us, does he have such influence to aggrandize such a plan?

We have heard at several fora how you have boasted about being close to the governor of cross river state, and as such, you enjoy the same immunity that befits the governor. This is a debacle to the true tenets of democracy, and what the Nigerian constitution stands for.

We need to constantly bring your memory to factory reset, in one of your publications again, you claimed to love our community and people, but you sent a monstrous 50 policemen to arrest Ntufam Edet Asuquo at his business premises to distort his business under the auspices of you claiming to control the police and can do anything you want them to do.

In the same delirious news portal, you claimed you fuelled the vehicles of the police, are you the commissioner of police? And why do you passionately want to indict the Nigeria police force? When your dad concocted the mayhem, you only called in the police hours after your mercenaries had clinched their plot.

We can vividly remember how you were arrested and granted bail over this same issue.

The entire New Netim community has sent a petition to the Cross River state police command, which you have been invited. It is quite disturbing and afflictive, to know that you and your dad created the trouble that has aggravated the community. The Paramount ruler has spoken, where and how did your father get his certificate of recognition as the village head?

The New Netim people have unhesitatingly chosen Ntufam Bassey Ndifon Ejen, as the village head, after following due traditional process, with ratification from the clan head. So how did your dad emerge as the village head, with the forged certificate of recognition?

This you and your family have
refused to answer, thus leaving the governor to investigate.We are trying to be celibate with our choice of words, as you were embarrassed the day our federal house of representative member called for a meeting with you in attendance, and none of the elders could recognise you, you should give yourself the name of a son who’s kindred does not know his roots.

More worrisome issue, is the silence the government has towards the mayhem, to think of it, NO “on the spot” assessment has been made by the government, due to the wrong information you provided to them.

We the aforementioned group has decided to let the court take its cause. We need to constantly remind you that the people of New Netim have decided to be civil, and want peace to reign in our community, but howbeit, Christian Ita, you have now been declared persona non grata in New Netim, as we no longer can tolerate your mimicry of our great community.

We also wish you cease all publications aimed at the de-marketing the State, and government you work for, in the light of our forthcoming Carnival?

Finally, for peace to be restored, you and your father should produce your mercenaries so they can face the law. But above all, we are pleased that Ntufam Edet Asuquo, has not responded to your obloquy, thus showing great statesmanship, which we expected from your father. Also we wish to intimate you that the media is not blind and callous, as such we request you stop desecrating that hallowed profession, by your words saying you control the media. However, in as much as we detest the act of you and your father Raphael Ita, we still love you and wish you regain your senses and do the needful, so we can be brothers again.

Apologise to the paramount ruler, the people who are still alive but displaced with compensation, as well as Ntufam Edet Asuquo. But forthose whose blood stain your hands, and would continuously cry out for justice, just as the biblical Abel, we leave you to God for their judgement on the last day. You have made yourself “Cain” Please eschew political “ebini mgbe”

Long live the Asakara of Odukpani LGA,
Long Live the new Netim Community,
Long Live Ntufam Bassey Ndifon Ejen,
Long Live Cross River State! 

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