Dancer Kaffy accuses Carnival Calabar of non-payment

Nigerian dance sensation, Kaffy has accused the Cross River State Carnival Commission of not paying her after a performance in 2014 which is why she could not pay the dancers she brought.

According to reports, a fellow dancer, Michael Omani had posted a video on his Facebook wall accusing Kaffy of double standards after she slammed Davido for turning his back at an agreement with her dance crew for his ‘3 Thrones’ concert recently. Omani claimed Kaffy was been served in her own dish as she took dancers to Calabar for the Carnival Calabar and they have not been paid till date.

In her reply, Kaffy explained why the dancers have not been paid.

“Don’t you think am tired of looking bad to dancers because of what I face with defaulting clients” asked Kaffy in her statement, adding that: “If I have never paid you why do you still come to work for me.

“Why do you guys betray me and come back to beg over and over and over again and I keep forgiving because I know it’s a phase you (are) going through and for each time you do wrong and come back to beg I take you back against the will of my family and friends.

“I have lost my family for dance. I have lost love for dance, I will be sick but work so u a m make money you say am owing you for Calabar am I the Carnival Commission who didn’t pay(?).

“You are all bunch of ingrates. I have been doing carnival since 2012 till 2015 for every year you got paid except a handful left for 2014.

“The same people I called again doe(sic) 2015 and the carnival band paid you all promising to remit previous payment as soon as the government sorts them. When payment was delayed for almost 8 months in 2012 but you guys for(sic) paid less than 3 months after, did you know where the money came from? My personal funds. Same I did for 2013 and 2014. Till today am still owed. An average dancer gets 5 gigs from me and his owed 1 then I become a thief.

Kaffy had said that ‘Aye’ crooner, Davido turned down fully kitted performers just as he was about ascending the stage after days of rehearsals with him for the ‘3 thrones’ concert which Davido has replied denying the incident.

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